Hsine-Jen Tsai

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Following the advent of the Internet technology and the rapid growth of its applications, users have spent long periods of time browsing through the ocean of information found in the Internet. This time-consuming hunt, however, makes searching, retrieving, displaying, integrating and maintaining data such arduous tasks. One way to solve this problem is to(More)
The complexity and richness of geospatial data create specific problems in heterogeneous data integration. To deal with this type of data integration, we propose a spatial mediator embedded in a large distributed mobile environment (GeoGrid). The spatial mediator takes a user request from a field application and uses the request to select the appropriate(More)
Successfully dealing with natural disasters is a major concern throughout the world. A critical issue in disaster management is to have access to the right knowledge at the right time. Knowledge management systems play an important role in making the appropriate knowledge available when it is needed. In this presentation we describe expansion of the natural(More)
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