Hsin-Yun Yao

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Locomotion generates multisensory information about walked-upon objects. How perceptual systems use such information to get to know the environment remains unexplored. The ability to identify solid (e.g., marble) and aggregate (e.g., gravel) walked-upon materials was investigated in auditory, haptic or audio-haptic conditions, and in a kinesthetic condition(More)
This article describes the design of a high-bandwidth, iron-less, recoil-based electromagnetic vibrotactile actuator. Its working principle, the theoretical analysis, the method used to determine its transfer function, its scaling properties and its design constraints are discussed along with its fabrication and possible improvements.
This paper addresses the question of strength perception for vibration signals used in mobile devices. Employing devices similar to standard cell phones and using pulsed vibration signals to combat adaptation effects, experiments were performed to study the effect of weight and underlying on perceived strength. Results shows that for the same measured(More)
OBJECTIVE During minimally invasive arthroscopy, surgeons use probes as diagnostic tools to detect tissue anomalies. Improving tactile sensitivity during this activity would be valuable. MATERIALS AND METHODS We developed an enhanced probe that could enhance the tactile sensations experienced while probing objects. It operated by detecting the(More)
The MicroTactus is a family of instruments that we have designed to detect signals arising from the interaction of a tip with soft or hard objects and to magnify them for haptic and auditory reproduction. We constructed an enhanced arthroscopic surgical probe and tested it in detecting surface defects of a cartilage-like material. Elastomeric samples were(More)
In this paper, we describe FrontPanel, a tangible user interface that enhances accessibility features in an iPad. More specifically, FrontPanel was designed for the senior population who has difficulty interacting with touch-screen tablets because of the lack of tangibility. FrontPanel is a result of one year help sessions with elderly who wished to replace(More)
The objective of this study was to determine whether the weight of a vibrating handheld object influenced the perceived intensity of its vibrations. Experiments were conducted to determine the subjective equivalence of vibrotactile intensity for objects that had the same size but had different weights. The results suggest that for the same surface(More)
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