Hsin-Yuan Tan

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The photoaging process of facial skin is investigated by use of multiphoton fluorescence and second-harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy. We obtain the autofluorescence (AF) and SHG images of the superficial dermis from the facial skin of three patients aged 20, 40, and 70 years. The results show that areas of AF increase with age, whereas areas of SHG(More)
Tissue glycation from diabetes and aging can result in complications such as renal failure, blindness, nerve damage and vascular diseases. In this work, we applied multiphoton microscopy for imaging and characterizing the extent of tissue glycation. The characteristic features of multiphoton autofluorescence (MPAF) and second harmonic generation (SHG)(More)
In this study, we propose a novel, minimally-invasive multimodal optical imaging method which combines multiphoton and reflected confocal microscopy for characterizing three-dimensional phase-separated microstructure of polymeric nylon/chitosan blends. The multimodal image acquisition was performed on a Zeiss LSM 510 inverted microscope system using a(More)
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