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  • S. Komossa, H. Zhou, H. Lu
  • 2008
We present SDSSJ092712.65+294344.0 as the best candidate to date for a recoiling supermassive black hole (SMBH). SDSSJ0927+2943 shows an exceptional optical emission-line spectrum with two sets of emission lines: one set of very narrow emission lines, and a second set of broad Balmer and broad high-ionization forbidden lines which are blueshifted by 2650 km(More)
Surfaces of semiconductors with strong spin-orbit coupling are of great interest for use in spintronic devices exploiting the Rashba effect. BiTeI features large Rashba-type spin splitting in both valence and conduction bands. Either can be shifted towards the Fermi level by surface band bending induced by the two possible polar terminations, making Rashba(More)
For single-pass free electron lasers (FEL), such as ampliiers and SASE device, saturation of the radiation power has to be reached within the length of the undulator. Therefore, detailed knowledge of electron beam parameters is crucial. So far, simulations have been performed with a given rms emittance and energy spread. At short radiation wavelengths,(More)
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