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Mesoporous TiO2/SBA-15, and Cu/TiO2/SBA-15 Composite Photocatalysts for Photoreduction of CO2 to Methanol
A series of mesoporous TiO2/SBA-15, Cu/TiO2 and Cu/TiO2/SBA-15 composite photocatalysts were prepared by sol–gel synthesis for photoreduction of CO2 with H2O to methanol. It was found that optimumExpand
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Observing the massive transformation in an Fe–Mn–Al alloy
Abstract Slabs with a composition of Fe–27.6 wt.% Mn–5.3 wt.% Al–0.11 wt.% C were studied in several heat treatments. They were heated at 1573 K for 30 min in air, and then quenched into cold brineExpand
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Synthesis of Apolipoprotein B Lipoparticles to Deliver Hydrophobic/Amphiphilic Materials
To develop a drug delivery system (DDS), it is critical to address challenging tasks such as the delivery of hydrophobic and amphiphilic compounds, cell uptake, and the metabolic fate of the drugExpand
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Photocatalytic hydrogen production with nickel oxide intercalated K4Nb6O17 under visible light irradiation
Nickel oxide nanoclusters were intercalated to layered niobate, K4Nb6O17, to improve the photocatalytic hydrogen production for water splitting under visible light irradiation. A K4Nb6O17–SSRx (Ni/NbExpand
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Fabrication of metal nanostructures by atomic force microscopy nanomachining and related applications.
In this work, the fabrication of metal nanostructures by a combination of atomic force microscopy nanomachining on a thin polymer resist, metal coating and lift-off is presented. Nanodots with sizesExpand
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Converting graphene oxide monolayers into boron carbonitride nanosheets by substitutional doping.
To realize graphene-based electronics, bandgap opening of graphene has become one of the most important issues that urgently need to be addressed. Recent theoretical and experimental studies showExpand
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Synthesis of mesoporous Nb2O5 photocatalysts with Pt, Au, Cu and NiO cocatalyst for water splitting
Abstract Hydrogen production by water splitting was examined over mesoporous niobium oxide photocatalysts, prepared by evaporation-induced self-assembly (EISA) method. A series of Pt, Au, Cu and NiOExpand
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Effect of molecular adsorption on the electrical conductance of single au nanowires fabricated by electron-beam lithography and focused ion beam etching.
Metal nanowires are one of the potential candidates for nanostructured sensing elements used in future portable devices for chemical detection; however, the optimal methods for fabrication have yetExpand
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A unique and potent protein binding nature of liposome containing polyethylenimine and polyethylene Glycol: A nondisplaceable property
Most of the currently available targeting vectors are produced via the linkage of targeting molecules. However, the coupling process is complicated, and the covalent linkage may attenuate theExpand
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The precipitation of FCC phase from BCC matrix in an Fe–Mn–Al alloy
Abstract The Fe-23.0 wt.% Mn-7.4 wt.% Al-0.03 wt.% C alloy, after water quenching following 1 h at 1050 °C in air, has a small amount of austenite distributed discontinuously along the grainExpand
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