Hsin-Yu Ha

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In this paper, a hierarchical disaster image classification (HDIC) framework based on multi-source data fusion (MSDF) and multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) is proposed to aid emergency managers in disaster response situations. The HDIC framework classifies images into different disaster categories and sub-categories using a pre-defined semantic(More)
—Feature selection is an actively researched topic in varies domains, mainly owing to its ability in greatly reducing feature space and associated computational time. Given the explosive growth of high-dimensional multimedia data, a well-designed feature selection method can be leveraged in classifying multimedia contents into high-level semantic concepts.(More)
—Semantic concept detection is among the most important and challenging topics in multimedia research. Its objective is to effectively identify high-level semantic concepts from low-level features for multimedia data analysis and management. In this paper, a novel re-ranking method is proposed based on correlation among concepts to automatically refine(More)
—We present a novel visual analytics system and multimedia enabled mobile application that allows emergency management (EM) personnel access to timely and relevant disaster situation information. The system is able to semantically integrate text-based emergency management disaster situation reports with related disaster imagery taken in the field by EM(More)
In this paper, we propose a Correlation based Feature Analysis (CFA) and Multi-Modality Fusion (CFA-MMF) framework for multimedia semantic concept retrieval. The CFA method is able to reduce the feature space and capture the correlation between features, separating the feature set into different feature groups, called Hidden Coherent Feature Groups (HCFGs),(More)
—Technological developments have lead to the propagation of massive amounts of data in the form of text, image, audio, and video. The unstoppable trend draws researchers' attention to develop approaches to efficiently retrieve and manage multimedia data. The inadequacy of keyword-based search in multimedia data retrieval due to non-existent or incomplete(More)