Hsin-Sheng Liu

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This paper proposed and implemented an efficient and reliable backup scheme for bridge monitoring system. It is mainly using the wireless sensor network (WSN) to gather the related environment parameters, and transmitting the numerical data to the gateway through multiple-hop relay, and then it further stores data in the back-end database for the(More)
According to home healthcare requirement of chronic patients, this paper proposes a mobile-care system integrated with a variety of vital-sign monitoring, where all the front-end vital-sign measuring devices are portable and have the ability of short-range wireless communication. In order to make the system more suitable for home applications, the(More)
A unique feature of sensor networks is the capability of performing actions in response to events detected by sensors. Such a feature requires a mechanism to create an association between the sensor and the actuator, and the resulting association is called a binding. The ZigBee specification defines default binding mechanism called end-device binding.(More)
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