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Since 2000, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Government in Taiwan has been implementing a policy of Electronic Manufacturing Promotion (e-MP) to assist firms to implement Business to Business Information System (B2BIS). In general, the actual performance of e-MP policy has just been based on the data given in a final report produced by the(More)
The advances in wireless communication technologies in recent years have caused enterprises to pay more attention to the development of mobile commerce (m-commerce). Studies have indicated that many enterprises have failed in the implementation of information systems (ISs). A meaningful model is needed as a reference for the implementation of wireless(More)
A majority of performance measurements have used input and outcome data to assess project performance in past research. Each performance criterion of input and outcome, however, should have different importance in performance measurement according to the character and objective of the project. Unfortunately, there has been relatively little research on(More)
The use of ICT in road freight transport for CO 2 reduction – an exploratory study of UK's grocery retail industry (2015),"The use of ICT in road freight transport for CO 2 reduction – an exploratory study of UK's grocery retail industry", The International (2015),"Supply chain typology for configuring cost-efficient tracking in fashion logistics", If you(More)
IDB of MOEA has since facilitated 47 enterprises adopting a B2B information system (B2BIS) between the years of 2000 to 2004. Through the investigation of the financial performance of these enterprises after implementing a B2BIS, this study intends to focus on 13 funded cases finalized in 2001 (of 4 cases) and in 2002 (of 9 cases) by analyzing whether there(More)
Because of a speedy pace of technology innovation, the competition of the information and communication industries in Taiwan has grown vigorously. At the same time, the demand of consumers has become more sophisticated than ever. In order to outperform competitors and fulfill consumers' sophisticated requests, retailers of 3C (Computer, Communication, and(More)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a combination of all the resources of a company. ERP is mainly a computer based system. All kinds of organization data that is relating to each and every function of the organization is available in ERP. So most of the big business organizations are implementing ERP and some of the medium, small scale companies are also(More)
Numerous studies of performance measurement have been done centralize in exploring performance measurement by input and outcome of original data in past research. The examiners usually evaluate the project performance by using the equal weights of performance criteria. Most studies do not consider the importance degree of performance criteria. In fact, each(More)