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BACKGROUND Fractures in the distal tibial metaphysis are more complicated to treat than diaphyseal fractures. We compared treatment with plating to treatment with shorted intramedullary (IM) nailing. METHODS Patients with AO type 43A fractures were treated with plate fixation (group A, n=14) or shortened IM nailing (group B, n = 13). We compared(More)
Various surgical procedures have been described for the treatment of complete acromioclavicular joint dislocation, but no consensus exists on the optimal therapy. The aim of each type of procedure is to stabilize the clavicle by substitution of the ruptured coracoclavicular ligaments. Treatment modalities have changed with increasing understanding of the(More)
BACKGROUND We compare the use of plate and screws versus intramedullary nails in the operative management of patients with displaced midclavicular fractures. METHODS Between March 2006 and June 2007, we performed a retrospective comparison of a demographically balanced sample of 110 patients (aged 16-65 years) who had received either plates or nails for(More)
Digital watermark is used to prove the rightful ownership or protect a customer's right of using the medium. Liu et al. proposed a SVD-based watermarking scheme, but their method has a serious defect; for un-watermarked images it still incorrectly extracts out the watermark. In this paper, we propose an improved SVD-based watermarking method to resolve this(More)
Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is an interesting but difficult topic of research. It uses the visual features to achieve the image searching on database. In this paper, we propose an image indexing for CBIR based on color feature, which consider both the computational complexity and the spatial relationship. We use a 3D mathematical model to design(More)
Color quantization is a technique that reduces the number of distinct colors for a color image. It usually maps pixels of the color image to a small color palette. The display quality of the color-quantized image is taken most seriously. But in practical applications, we also need to consider the complexity of quantization algorithm and the storage of(More)