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Digital watermark is used to prove the rightful ownership or protect a customer's right of using the medium. Liu et al. proposed a SVD-based watermarking scheme, but their method has a serious defect; for un-watermarked images it still incorrectly extracts out the watermark. In this paper, we propose an improved SVD-based watermarking method to resolve this(More)
PURPOSE To induce chronic intraocular pressure (IOP) elevation in rat eyes by circumlimbal suture. METHODS Anesthetized (isoflurane) Long-Evans rats underwent unilateral circumlimbal suture implantation while the fellow eyes served as untreated controls (n = 15). A sham group (n = 8) received the same procedure except that the suture was loosely tied.(More)
This work presents a novel facial makeup detection method, which includes four steps: entropy information computation, feature extraction, feature selection and classification. To carry out this objective, first all face images are subject to the entropy information computation. Once the entropy images of faces are obtained, a feature extraction step is(More)
This paper presents a comparison study on subjective quality scores obtained by both single stimulus (without reference) and triple stimulus (with reference) methods. The TID2013 database is reevaluated by single stimulus approach, which is realized by absolute category rating (ACR). And the mean opinion score (MOS) provided along with TID2013 represents(More)
Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is an interesting but difficult topic of research. It uses the visual features to achieve the image searching on database. In this paper, we propose an image indexing for CBIR based on color feature, which consider both the computational complexity and the spatial relationship. We use a 3D mathematical model to design(More)
Color quantization is a technique that reduces the number of distinct colors for a color image. It usually maps pixels of the color image to a small color palette. The display quality of the color-quantized image is taken most seriously. But in practical applications, we also need to consider the complexity of quantization algorithm and the storage of(More)
Purpose To develop a chronic ocular hypertension mouse model by inducing intraocular pressure (IOP) elevation using a suture technique previously developed for rats. Methods C57BL/6 mice were given monocular circumlimbal suture (10/0) placement under anesthesia (ketamine/xylazine). The suture was left in place for 12 weeks (n = 10). A control group had(More)