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While the mainstream methods of adaptive control (both linear and nonlinear) deal only with regulation to known set points or reference trajectories, in many applications the set point should be selected to achieve a maximum of an uncertain reference-to-output equilibrium map. The techniques of the so-calledèxtremum controla or`self-optimizing controla(More)
We show an application of the method of extremum seeking to the problem of maximizing the pressure rise in an axial ow compressor. First we apply extremum seeking to the Moore-Greitzer model and design a feedback scheme actuated through a bleed valve which simultaneously stabilizes rotating stall and surge and steers the system towards the equilibrium with(More)
Fig. 4. Signal w(t) acting as the output of backlash hysteresis. We should mention that it is desirable to compare the control performance with and without considering the effects of hysteresis. Unfortunately , this comparison is not possible in this case as the control law (15)–(20) is designed for the entire cascade system. In this paper, a robust(More)
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