Hsin-Hsing M. Chen

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The importance of temporal database management and temporal reasoning has long been recognized by the database and AI communities. Many techniques for modeling and managing temporal databases have been introduced. Most of the existing research on temporal databases have been based on the relational data model which has limited capabilities in modeling(More)
Optofluidics integrates the fields of photonics and microfluidics, providing new freedom to both fields and permitting the realization of optical and fluidic property manipulations at the chip scale. Optofluidics was formed only after many breakthroughs in microfluidics, as understanding of fluid behaviour at the micron level enabled researchers to combine(More)
There have been many recent research efforts on temporal databases for managing current and historical data and on active databases for monitoring real-world events as well as data conditions/constraints by rules and triggers. However, the specification and management of temporal rules in active object-oriented databases has not been investigated. This(More)
Due to its attributes, such as parallelism, adaptability, robustness and inherent ability to handle non-linearality, the artificial neural network has shown great promise in the function mapping, pattern recognition, imagine processing , etc. The dynamic function mapping, dynamic pattern recognition and dynamic imagine processing are still challenging(More)
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