Hsin-Chih Wang

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The protozoan Giardia lamblia differentiates into infectious cysts within the human intestinal tract for disease transmission. Expression of the cyst wall protein (cwp) genes increases with similar kinetics during encystation. However, little is known how their gene regulation shares common mechanisms. DNA topoisomerases maintain normal topology of genomic(More)
CO2-expanded ethanol (CXE) was used to extract DHA-containing lipids from Schizochytrium sp. with a 35.7 wt% lipid content of dry biomass in a continuous mode. The effects of operation variables such as temperature, pressure, ethanol flow rate and CO2 flow rate on extraction performance were investigated. Based on a 2(4)-central composite design and(More)
In this paper, the control of discrete time cellular neural network (DTCNN) systems via particle swarm optimization (PSO) approach is presented. A novel method for designing templates of cellular neural network for image noise cancellation is discussed. Based on PSO method, this approach can design the templates of cellular neural network and diminish noise(More)
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