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Fruit and vegetable intake and risk of major chronic disease.
BACKGROUND Studies of fruit and vegetable consumption in relation to overall health are limited. We evaluated the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and the incidence of cardiovascularExpand
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A retrospective analysis of the failure rate of three different orthodontic skeletal anchorage systems.
OBJECTIVES The aim of this retrospective study was to assess systematically the case distribution among three types of mini-implants and to evaluate the clinical factors that influence the failureExpand
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Carcinoma and dysplasia in oral leukoplakias in Taiwan: prevalence and risk factors.
OBJECTIVES The issue of existence of malignancy within oral leukoplakia has seldom been addressed in Taiwan. The aims of this study were to investigate the prevalence of carcinoma and dysplasiaExpand
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Meta‐analysis of the effect of scaling and root planing, surgical treatment and antibiotic therapies on periodontal probing depth and attachment loss
Objective: This paper reports a meta-analysis of studies that have investigated the effect of scaling and root planing on periodontal probing depth and attachment loss. Material and methods: TheExpand
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Pulpal inflammation and incidence of coronary heart disease.
Pulpal inflammation is primarily caused by coronal caries, and leads to root canal therapy (RCT). Chronic inflammation has been associated with various cardiovascular diseases. This study evaluatesExpand
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Stability of miniplates and miniscrews used for orthodontic anchorage: experience with 492 temporary anchorage devices.
OBJECTIVES The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate systematically the potential factors that influence failure rates of temporary anchorage devices (TADs) used for orthodontic anchorage.Expand
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Periodontal Disease, Tooth Loss, and Incidence of Ischemic Stroke
Background and Purpose— Periodontal and other infections have been suggested as potential risk factors for stroke. This study evaluates periodontal disease and tooth loss as risk factors for ischemicExpand
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The association between tooth loss and the self-reported intake of selected CVD-related nutrients and foods among US women.
OBJECTIVES Many studies have reported associations between oral health and cardiovascular diseases; poor nutritional status due to impaired dentition status has been suggested as a mediator. OurExpand
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The association between tooth loss and coronary heart disease in men and women.
OBJECTIVES This paper evaluates the relation of tooth loss to incidence of coronary heart disease in two large cohort studies. METHODS Participants included 41,407 men and 58,974 women free of anyExpand
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Factors associated with underdiagnosis from incisional biopsy of oral leukoplakic lesions.
OBJECTIVES Incisional biopsy is accepted by most clinicians as a dependable way of assessing the nature of oral leukoplakia (OL). The aim of the present study was to investigate its reliability andExpand
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