Hsin-Chi Lai

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Enterovirus 71 is an enterovirus of the family Picornaviridae. The 2C protein of poliovirus, a relative of enterovirus 71, is essential for viral replication. The poliovirus 2C protein is associated with host membrane vesicles, which form viral replication complexes where viral RNA synthesis takes place. We have now identified a host-encoded 2C binding(More)
A high driving capability CMOS buffer amplifier with high slew-rate, low power, and low offset voltage for high resolution TFT-LCD source drivers is proposed. Low power and high driving capability are achieved by using a telescope-cascode based complementary differential input stage combing with a common source push-pull stage and two auxiliary driving(More)
As networks grow in size and complexity, both the probability and the impact of failures increase. The pre-allocated backup bandwidth cannot provide 100% protection guarantee when multiple failures occur in a network. In this article, we focus on how to recover the protecting capabilities of FIPP (Failure-independent path-protecting) p-cycles against the(More)
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