Hsin-Cheng Huang

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SUMMARY In this article, we propose a regression method for simultaneous supervised clustering and feature selection over a given undirected graph, where homogeneous groups or clusters are estimated as well as informative predictors, with each predictor corresponding to one node in the graph and a connecting path indicating a priori possible grouping among(More)
—Due to its effectiveness for removing heavy-tail noise and preserving abrupt structures hidden in noisy data, median filtering has long been a popular tool for signal restoration. In practice , an important issue of applying median filtering is the choice of the span. In this letter, we develop a data adaptive criterion for choosing this span. This(More)
Variable selection in geostatistical regression is an important problem, but has not been well studied in the literature. In this paper, we focus on spatial prediction and consider a class of conditional information criteria indexed by a penalty parameter. Instead of applying a fixed criterion, which leads to an unstable predictor in the sense that it is(More)
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