Hsien-Ming Wu

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Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), a life-threatening complication occurring in stimulated ovarian cycles, arises from treatment with gonadotropin for induction of follicular maturation in infertile women. Clinical characteristics of OHSS include ascites and pleural effusion induced by increased vascular permeability, where vascular endothelial(More)
OBJECTIVE To obtain quantitative data on endometrial volume and subendometrial blood flow by three-dimensional ultrasound clue to endometrial receptivity. DESIGN A prospective, nonrandomized clinical study. SETTING One tertiary center for assisted reproduction. PATIENT(S) Fifty-four patients aged <38 years with normal basal serum FSH level(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to investigate the association between follicular fluid (FF) levels of insulin-like growth factors (IGFs), IGF binding proteins (IGFBPs), and pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A), which is a protease for IGFBP-4, and the quality of subsequent embryo development from in vitro fertilized oocytes aspirated(More)
Type I GnRH (GnRH-I, GNRH1) and type II GnRH (GnRH-II, GNRH2), each encoded by separate genes, have been identified in humans. The tissue distribution and functional regulation of GnRH-I and GnRH-II clearly differ despite their comparable cDNA and genomic structures. These hormones exert their effects by binding to cell surface transmembrane G protein(More)
Endometriosis is determined by genetic factors, and the prevalence of genetic polymorphisms varies greatly depending on the ethnic group studied. The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of 9 genes involved in estrogen biosynthesis and metabolism and the risks of endometriosis. Three(More)
Six hundred thirty-seven Taiwanese Chinese women including 300 patients with endometriosis and 337 controls without endometriosis were enrolled to investigate the association between nonsynonymous single nucleotide polymorphism of the FSH receptor gene and the risk of endometriosis. For the A/G polymorphism of FSH receptor gene (Asn680Ser), a univariate(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of the present study was to investigate the correlation between inhibin B and estradiol levels in follicular fluid (FF) with the quality of subsequent embryo development from in-vitro fertilized oocytes aspirated from the same follicle. METHODS A total of 156 infertile women undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation for IVF and(More)
The growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) antagonists have been shown to inhibit growth of human cancer cells, but the underlying molecular mechanisms and their actions have not been fully investigated. In this study, we first showed that GHRH-R splice variant 1 (SV1) was expressed in two human endometrial cancer cell lines, Ishikawa and ECC-1. By using(More)
This study evaluated the relationship between pregnancy rate and semen cadmium concentration. This prospective and nonrandomized clinical study analyzed 341 male partners of infertile couples undergoing infertility evaluation and management. Semen samples were collected to analyze semen quality and cadmium concentrations. The main outcome was pregnancy(More)