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Queue-mergesort is recently introduced by Golin and Sedgewick as an optimal variant of mergesorts in the worst case. In this paper, we present a complete analysis of the cost distribution of queue-mergesort, including the best, average and variance cases. The asymptotic normality o f its cost is also established under the uniform permutation model. We(More)
The solution combustion process is used to synthesize Fe1.9925P0.0075O3 nano-powders. The sintered Fe1.9925P0.0075O3 bodies are alpha-Fe2O3-based single phase with the rhombohedral structure. The electrical conductivity increases with an increase in sintering temperature because of an increase in grain size and density. The absolute value of the Seebeck(More)
We successfully synthesized nano-sized Ce(0.8)Gd(0.2)O(2-delta) powders by combustion method, using gelatin as fuel. The calcined powders showed high-quality characteristics, i.e., nano-scale size (14-35 nm) and narrow size distribution. The structural, morphological, and electrical characteristics of the sintered Ce(0.8)Gd(0.2)O(2-delta) were studied(More)
Nano-sized Ca3Co(4-x)Mn(x)O9 (0 < or = x < or = 0.6) thermoelectric powders were synthesized by solution combustion method, using aspartic acid as fuel. The microstructure and high-temperature (500-800 degrees C) thermoelectric properties of the Ca3Co(4-x)Mn(x)O9 were investigated. The addition of Mn for Co in Ca3Co(4-x)Mn(x)O9 resulted in a decrease of the(More)
Ce(0.8)Sm(0.2)O(2-delta) and Ce(1-x)Gd(x)O(2-delta) (0.1 < or = x < or = 0.3) nano-sized powders were successfully synthesized by the solution combustion synthesis process. The calcined nanopowders showed a ceria-based single phase with a cubic fluorite structure. In this study, we discussed the structural and electrical characteristics of the sintered(More)
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