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Decision tree induction is one of common approaches for extracting knowledge from a sets of feature-based examples. In real world, many data occurred in a fuzzy and uncertain form. The decision tree must able to deal with such fuzzy data. This paper presents a tree construction procedure to build a fuzzy decision tree from a collection of fuzzy data by(More)
Multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) is widely used in ranking one or more alternatives from a set of available alternatives with respect to multiple criteria. Inspired by MCDM which are methods to systematically evaluate alternatives, we propose a new Fuzzy TOPSIS for evaluating outsourcing software companies both using subjective and objective(More)
Rule extraction is an important theme in data mining. Fuzzy set theory (FST) and Rough set theory (RST) are two common technologies frequently applied to data mining tasks. Decision induction is one of common approaches for extracting rules in data mining. Integrating the advantages of FST and RST, this paper proposes a hybrid system to efficiently extract(More)
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