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With high compression performance, realization of wavelet-based data compression system is crucial for multi-lead ECG signal recording. In this paper, a modified run-length coding (MRLC) algorithm associated with an efficient quantization scheme is proposed for the realization of a RRO-NRDPWT-based ECG data compression system. The MRLC with regularity and(More)
The wavelet-based approach that combines a reversible round-off nonrecursive discrete periodized wavelet transform (RRO-NRDPWT) and the set partitioning in hierarchical trees (SPIHT) scheme is an efficient ECG data compression. However, this RRO-NRDPWT-based system suffers from the high complexity of the SPIHT scheme during realization. In this paper, a(More)
The infiltrative nature of lesions is a significant feature of malignant breast lesion on ultrasound image. Characterizing the infiltrative nature of lesions with computationally inexpensive and highly efficacious features is crucial for the realization of a computer-aided diagnosis system. In this study, the infiltrative nature is regarded as an energy(More)
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