Hsiau-Hsian Nien

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This paper proposes a novel pixel-chaotic-shuffle method for image encryption. Since the dynamic response of chaotic system is highly sensitive to the initial values of a system and to the variation of a parameter, chaotic trajectory is very unpredictable. Therefore we use the chaotic sequences generated by chaotic systems as encryption codes and then(More)
This paper proposes an effective approach for planning a load transfer substation pair(LTSP) between two normally closed-loop feeders considering minimization of system power losses. Firstly, the annual equivalent load of each load point is calculated. Then, a genetic algorithm-based (GA-Based) approach has been proposed to solve this optimization problem.(More)
In this paper, it is first proposed that genetic algorithm and Taguchi method can be employed in the optimal design of DC-DC converter with LC snubber. The purpose of this optimal design is to lower the spike voltage dsp V across power switch and hence reduce the manufacturing cost. For the first step, we investigate the circuit parameters which will affect(More)
In this paper, we systematically present the physical and mathematical meanings of the parameters used in Burfoot et al.'s and Eiras et al.'s model. Based on our experimental results in (l-x)PFW-xPT relaxor system and the theoretically modelling results, it is shown that the parameter values in Burfoot et al.'s model and Eiras et al.'s model have not any(More)
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