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Discussing the factors contributing to students’ involvement in an EFL collaborative wiki project*
Examination of what factors facilitated or hindered student collaboration when a wiki environment was used to engage 103 Taiwanese students from two universities in an online picture book production project suggested that the nature of the learning tasks, students’ constant communication and appreciation of different opinions, the difficulties they encountered when communicating asynchronously, and students' expectations toward English learning affected to what extent they were involved in the online collaboration.
An Examination of ESL Taiwanese University Students' Multimodal Reading Responses
This article reports an empirical study conducted in a Taiwanese English as a second language university class. Reader response theory is the theoretical framework guiding the study. Fifty-nine
Using an Arts-Integrated Multimodal Approach to Promote English Learning: A Case Study of Two Taiwanese Junior College Students.
The theory of learning multimodality is receiving greater attention. Its application in language learning classes is also increasing in number. Since Chinese-speaking EFL learners are likely to be
The reading response e-journal: An alternative way to engage low-achieving EFL students
The reading response journal has been valued as an effective tool for involving students in authentic reading and writing activities. As the internet has become an essential medium in today’s English
Discussing Culturally Relevant Books Online: A Cross-Cultural Blogging Project.
This article examines the process and results of a two-year cross- cultural blogging project conducted between American fifth-graders (15 students) and Taiwanese tenth-graders (23 students). The two
Writing responses to images when developing higher-order thinking: A case study of EFL college students in Taiwan
In a democratic society students need to cultivate independent and higher-order thought processes, and school curricula should provide students with activities facilitating this. This mode of
Exploring Junior College Students Reading and Writing Experiences in an Online English Literature Discussion Project
The findings of the study suggested that the students benefited from the reading and writing experiences, gaining confidence in their reading abilities and developing the ability to write longer English essays, however, they also encountered challenges during the process.
EFL College Student Perceptions, Engagement, and Writing Developments in a Wiki-Based Interuniversity Collaborative Writing Project
Students' writing skills on average improved more as a result of the frequent writing practice and peer editing tasks, rather than from the completion of the online picture books.
A case study of cross-cultural and cross-age online literature discussion
The purpose of this qualitative case study is to investigate the nature of students' reading and writing experiences and the social contexts when students are involved in a cross-cultural and