Hsiao-Yun Tseng

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License plate detection plays an important role in license plate recognition (LPR) system. If license plate can be detected exactly, the character segmentation and recognition can be implemented more precisely and efficiently. In our observation, the illumination affects the result of detecting the license plate. The aim of this paper is to extract more(More)
This paper presents a novel distributed video coding (DVC) scheme using compressive sensing (CS) that achieves low-complexity for encoding and efficient signal sensing. Most CS recovery algorithms rely only on signal sparsity. Yet, under DVC architecture, additional statistical characterization of the signal is available, which offers the potential for more(More)
Fiber structure and order greatly impact the mechanical behavior of fibrous materials. In biological tissues, the nonlinear mechanics of fibrous scaffolds contribute to the functionality of the material. The nonlinear mechanical properties of the wavy structure (crimp) in collagen allow tissue flexibility while preventing over-extension. A number of(More)
People pay much attention to the technology of data mining recently and more and more research institutions begin to buy the databases to analyze. If it doesn’t concern customer’s secrets the enterprises would also like to sell their data warehouse to do the research. Therefore, it becomes an important subject to prove the integrity of the database. This(More)
Pathogenic protozoan parasites can cause human to get many diseases, such as, amoebiasis, typhoid fever and cholera, etc. Different protozoan parasites vary greatly in their structural and biochemical properties. Digital images are extensively applied to medical fields for doctors and pathologists to analyze pathological sections and further diagnose(More)
Mobile Internet is becoming the norm. With more personalized mobile devices in hand, many services choose to offer alternative, usually more convenient, approaches to authenticating and delivering the content between mobile users and service providers. One main option is to use mobile text service (i.e., short messaging service). Through associating an(More)
Muscular dystrophy is a group of genetic diseases that cause the loss of muscles and hence weakening the muscle strength. A typical treatment for muscular dystrophy patients is routinely performing weight exercise to slow down the loss in muscles. Thus, we propose a system MyoBuddy to help both physical therapists and patients to keep track of the weights(More)
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