Hsiao-Tieh Pu

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Subject content analysis of Web query terms is essential to understand Web searching interests. Such analysis includes exploring search topics and observing changes in their frequency distributions with time. To provide a basis for in-depth analysis of users’ search interests on a larger scale, this article presents a query categorization approach to(More)
This paper examines a large number of failed queries submitted to a web image search engine, including real users’ search terms and written requests. The results show that failed image queries have a much higher specificity than successful queries because users often employ various refined types to specify their queries. The study explores the refined types(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present an on-going research that is intended to construct a live thesaurus directly from search term logs of real-world search engines. Such a thesaurus designed can contain representative search terms, their frequency in use, the corresponding subject categories, the associated and relevant terms, and the hot visiting Web(More)
This study is to investigate how users search for web information for the first time (information finding) and locate previously found results on a subsequent effort (information re-finding). It constructs a two-staged experiment and employs various methods to compare users' search performance on different types of search tasks. The preliminary results show(More)
The purpose of this paper is to deal with Web query categorization problem. It will present a feasible approach to categorizing Web query terms into pre-defined subject categories based on their supposed search interests. With the approach, a successful application that can filter out users’ sensitive queries such as pornographic-related terms in multimedia(More)
Nowadays it becomes a challenge for a user to be able to both effectively filter information and proactively grasp new information on the web. To this end, Selective Dissemination of Web Information (SDWI) service in this study is conceptualized as a new way of information delivery. Using RSS service as a test platform, the study attempts to explore how(More)