Hsiao-Jung Liu

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—In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), nodes closer to the sink node have heavier traffic load for packet forwarding. The unbalanced power consumption among sensor nodes may cause network partition. This paper proposes efficient node placement and topology control protocols to balance the power consumption of sensor nodes. Firstly, a virtual tree topology is(More)
Global transcriptome investigations often result in the detection of an enormous number of transcripts composed of non-co-linear sequence fragments. Such 'aberrant' transcript products may arise from post-transcriptional events or genetic rearrangements, or may otherwise be false positives (sequencing/alignment errors or in vitro artifacts). Moreover,(More)
—This paper considers a mobile WSN that contains a big hole but there exists no redundant mobile sensor to heal the hole. To achieve the temporal full-coverage purpose or enhance the tracking quality, three distributed algorithms are proposed for moving the existing big coverage hole to a predefined location. Firstly, the sink chooses a promising direction(More)
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