Hsiao-Fung Pu

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Prostate cancer has its highest incidence in the USA and is becoming a major concern in Asian countries. Bufadienolides are extracts of toxic glands from toads and are used as anticancer agents, mainly on leukemia cells. In the present study, the antiproliferative and apoptotic mechanisms of bufalin and cinobufagin on prostate cancer cells were(More)
Progesterone is an endogenous immunomodulator and can suppress T-cell activation during pregnancy. We have previously shown that the non-genomic effects of progesterone, especially acidification, are exerted via plasma membrane sites and suppress cellular genomic responses to mitogens. This study aimed to show that acidification is due to a non-genomic(More)
Prostate carcinoma is one of the most common malignant tumors and has become a more common cancer in men. Previous studies demonstrated that evodiamine (EVO) exhibited anti-tumor activities on several cancers, but its effects on androgen-independent prostate cancer are unclear. In the present study, the action mechanisms of EVO on the growth of(More)
The incidence of thyroid cancer increases with age, and it is twice in women as common as in men. The undifferentiated thyroid cancer (UTC) is the most aggressive of all thyroid cancers. Unfortunately, there are almost no efficacious therapeutic modalities. It is important to develop some new effective therapies. Evodiamine is a chemical extracted from a(More)
The effects of juice from Morinda citrifolia (noni) on gastric emptying, gastrointestinal transit, and plasma level of cholecystokinin (CCK) in rats were studied. Male rats were given noni by gavage at levels of 0.25, 1, or 4 ml/kg once per day for one or 7 days. The rats in the control group were given water, while the rats in the experimental group were(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of Ginkgo biloba extract (EGb 761) on male copulatory behavior in rats. EGb 761 (1 mg/ml) induced significant production of testosterone (T) in rat Leydig cells in vitro. Its effects on sexual behavior were then tested in Long-Evans male rats after 7, 14, 21, or 28 days of oral gavage of vehicle(More)
Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is an extremely rare and aggressive endocrine malignancy with a poor prognosis. The most common symptom of ACC is hypercortisolism (Cushing's syndrome), which has the highest mortality. Mitotane is used as a steroidogenesis inhibitor for Cushing's syndrome or as a chemical adrenalectomy drug for ACC. Mitotane induces adrenal(More)
Previous studies have indicated that digoxin (DG) inhibits testosterone production by rat testicular interstitial cells through both in vivo and in vitro experiments. DG and digitoxin (DT), but not ouabain, inhibit the progesterone, pregnenolone, and corticosterone secretion by rat granulosa cells, luteal cells, and zona fasciculata-reticularis (ZFR) cells,(More)
The role of aldosterone has expanded from its genomic effects that involve renal sodium transport to nongenomic effects such as cardiac and renal fibrosis. Elevated aldosterone levels are associated with increased mortality in the general population. However, the association is reversed in patients with end-stage renal disease on maintenance hemodialysis.(More)
We investigated the antitumour activity of Tithonia diversifolia (TD) on malignant glioblastoma cells. Our results suggested that tagitinin C was the main component in viability inhibition on malignant glioblastoma cells, and also accounted to be the most abundant component (>65%) in TD extract. Both TD extract and tagitinin C exhibited vigorous potential(More)