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To examine the quenching of a triplet exciton by low triplet energy (E(T)) polymer hosts with different chain configurations for high E(T) phosphor guests, the quenching rate constant measurements were carried out and analyzed by the standard Stern-Volmer equation. We found that an effective shielding of triplet energy transfer from a high E(T) phosphor(More)
Control over polymer sequence and architecture is crucial to both understanding structure-property relationships and designing functional materials. In pursuit of these goals, we developed a new synthetic approach that enables facile manipulation of the density and distribution of grafts in polymers via living ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP).(More)
In this paper I critically evaluate one recent approaches to the interpretation of logophoric ziji, i.e., that of Anand (2006). After recognizing the problems of his analysis, I provide an account of ziji in the framework 1 Previous analyses 1.1 Huang and Liu on LDR ziji Long-distance ziji is of interest to linguists for its peculiar behavior: it does not(More)
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