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The present study examined our ability to identify the location of a single vibration delivered to the dorsal and/or volar side of the forearm near the wrist. Three participants took part in three absolute identification experiments. In Exps. I and II, a 3-by-3 tactor array was placed on the dorsal and volar side of the wrist, respectively. In Exp. III, two(More)
Multiple exciton generation (MEG) is a process that can occur in semiconductor nanocrystals, or quantum dots (QDs), whereby absorption of a photon bearing at least twice the bandgap energy produces two or more electron-hole pairs. Here, we report on photocurrent enhancement arising from MEG in lead selenide (PbSe) QD-based solar cells, as manifested by an(More)
As touch based input becomes more popular in mobile devices, there is an increasing need for haptic feedback on key-less input surface. Four experiments were conducted to design and evaluate identifiable emulated key-click signals using a piezoelectric actuator. Experiments I and II assessed the information transmission capacity for the amplitude,(More)
The n-type transition metal oxides (TMO) consisting of molybdenum oxide (MoO(x)) and vanadium oxide (V(2)O(x)) are used as an efficient hole extraction layer (HEL) in heterojunction ZnO/PbS quantum dot solar cells (QDSC). A 4.4% NREL-certified device based on the MoO(x) HEL is reported with Al as the back contact material, representing a more than 65%(More)
HOMO level of the PBDTTT-based polymer was successfully reduced by introducing an ketone group in place of the ester group. The average PCE of the PBDTTT-based devices reached 6.3% with a champion PCE result of 6.58%. Due to its highly efficient photovoltaic performance and more feasible synthesis approach, PBDTTT-C has the potential to be successfully(More)
The previous literature on working memory (WM) has indicated that verbal materials are dominantly retained in phonological representations, whereas other linguistic information (e.g., orthography, semantics) only contributes to verbal WM minimally, if not negligibly. Although accumulating evidence has suggested that multiple linguistic components jointly(More)
—The present study examined the efficacy of using audio cues for redundant coding of tactile key clicks simulated with a piezoelectric actuator. The tactile stimuli consisted of six raised cosine pulses at two levels of frequency and three levels of amplitude. An absolute identification experiment was conducted to measure the information transfers(More)
Tobacco consumption has been recognized as a factor mediating the interindividual variations in olanzapine's pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. The primary objective of this study was to describe the dose effect of smoking on the dose-plasma concentration relationship and the pharmacokinetics of oral olanzapine in male schizophrenic patients using(More)
An advanced light-fidelity (Li-Fi) system based on the blue Gallium nitride (GaN) laser diode (LD) with a compact white-light phosphorous diffuser is demonstrated for fusing the indoor white-lighting and visible light communication (VLC). The phosphorous diffuser adhered blue GaN LD broadens luminescent spectrum and diverges beam spot to provide ample(More)
The study presents a novel demonstration of a passively mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser (EDFL) that is based on a silicon carbide (SixC1-x) saturable absorber. When the C/Si composition ratio is increased to 1.83, the SixC1-x film transforms from two-photon absorption to nonlinear saturable absorption, and the corresponding value reaches -3.9 × 10(-6)(More)