Hsiang-Yu Bau

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We briefly reviewed the effects of soybean germination on biologically active components, nutritive value of seed and biological characteristics in rats. The purpose of this review is to evaluate the effects of soybean germination on nutritional values of seeds and the potential importance for the use of germinated soybeans, from a contemporary conception,(More)
Soybean may be useful in diets for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the treatment of type II hyperlipoproteinemia as it lowers blood cholesterol levels. However, unpleasant organoleptic qualities and the presence of antinutritional substances hinder its use. Some of these problems may be partially solved by germinating the seeds or heating the(More)
To explore the long-term metabolic effects of acarbose in man, 6 healthy men (25 +/- 2 years; BMI: 21.6 +/- 2.7) were fed a controlled diet in a metabolic ward for 7 consecutive weeks. After an initial 3-week period to ensure a metabolic steady-state, they received 300 mg/d of acarbose (100 mg before each meal) for the remaining 4 weeks. Stool and urine(More)
In order to study the complex interrelationships between on the one hand, dietary proteins, lecithin and methionine and, on the other, blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, groups of .10 rats were fed for six weeks with diets only differing by the nature of proteins which comprised 10% of the diet. These diets were composed of egg white, heated soybean(More)
Numerous factors affect plasma cholesterol and, therefore, represent potential interferences with the specific effects of diet on lipid metabolism. After casein intake, serum cholesterol levels depend on many experimental conditions in rats, such as the type of casein, the presence or absence of cholesterol in the diet, the age and strain of rat, the diet(More)
Responses of gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP), gastrin and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) to a test meal and also nutrient absorption were measured in five healthy men before and after 1, 3 and 7 weeks of daily ingestion of 20 g of wheat bran added to a normal balanced diet. Basal levels of the three hormones were not affected by bran(More)
After casein intake, serum cholesterol levels are dependent on many experimental conditions in rats. The effect of the method of casein preparation was assessed in Wistar rats pair-fed for 4 wk with three identical diets differing only by the type of casein used. Compared with dietary casein and Na caseinate, ingestion of lipid- and vitamin-free casein(More)
Besides the processes of extrusion and protein fiber spinning, analogous utilization research with a range of protein sources is continuing at an accelerated pace. However, the pressure forming process, an attractive process for producing protein foods, has not received the attention as it merits. The fabrication techniques contribute the advantages of(More)
Soya, in spite of its high nutritional value and moderate cost, possesses certain undesirable qualities which limit its use in animal and human nutrition. The amendment of these qualities has resulted in much work. In this study the effects of technological treatments on the properties of certain protein fractions capable of being produced industrially were(More)