Hsiang-Yi Hsu

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Fiber structure and order greatly impact the mechanical behavior of fibrous materials. In biological tissues, the nonlinear mechanics of fibrous scaffolds contribute to the functionality of the material. The nonlinear mechanical properties of the wavy structure (crimp) in collagen allow tissue flexibility while preventing over-extension. A number of(More)
The objective of this work is the study and characterization of anodized indium tin oxide (anodized-ITO) as a sodium ion selective electrode and differential structures including a sodium-selective-membrane/anodized-ITO as sensor 1, an anodized-ITO membrane as the contrast sensor 2, and an ITO as the reference electrode. Anodized-ITO was fabricated by(More)
Natural stocks of Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica) have decreased drastically because of overfishing, habitat destruction, and changes in the ocean environment over the past few decades. However, to date, artificial mass production of glass eels is far from reality because of the lack of appropriate feed for the eel larvae. In this study, wild glass eel,(More)
This study presents a robustness design of fuzzy control for nonlinear systems with multiple time delays. First, the neuralnetwork (NN) model is employed to approximate the nonlinear multiple time-delay (NMTD) plant. Then, a linear differential inclusion (LDI) state-space representation is established for the dynamics of the NN model. According to the LDI(More)
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