Hsiang-Yao Cheng

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With the development of electronics in governments and business, the implementation of these services are increasing demand for servers. Continued expansion of servers represents our need for more space, power, air conditioning, network, human resources and other infrastructure. Regardless of how powerful servers now become, we do not make good use of all(More)
In this paper, we present visual tool for performance measurement and analysis of MPI parallel programs in cluster environments. Most of tools available today for cluster systems show solely system performance data (e.g., CPU load, memory usage, network bandwidth, machine-room temperature, server average load, among others), being more suitable for system(More)
The technology has advanced so fast and has attracted almost all the business organizations to move in single dimension called cloud. Green Cloud Computing (or Green Computing) is the energy-efficient and environment-friendly form of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a rising trend employing the concept of large data centers but suffering from the(More)
With the abrupt advancement in technology, every business organization aspires to migrate to cloud. The technology of cloud computing makes use of the huge data centers that present multiple issues such as extensive amounts of energy consumption, dissipation of lots of heat and methane, carbon dioxide, etc. like deadly green-house compounds and gases. In(More)
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