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Clinical assessment of propofol-induced yawning with heart rate variability: a pilot study.
STUDY OBJECTIVES To investigate the proportion of propofol-induced yawning and sympathovagal balance during propofol-induced yawning. DESIGN Prospective, observational, clinical study. SETTINGExpand
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Active 433 MHz-W UHF RF-powered chip integrated with a nanocomposite m-MWCNT/polypyrrole sensor for wireless monitoring of volatile anesthetic agent sevoflurane
Tiny remote sensors capable of monitoring gases and vapors are having greatest demand due to their potential applications in diverse research fields. In the present work, design and fabrication of anExpand
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Stress Response to Hepatectomy in Patients with a Healthy or a Diseased Liver
Partial hepatectomy is a major upper abdominal operation associated with certain stress to the patient. Successful adaptation to such stress is a prerequisite for survival. Donor hepatectomy withExpand
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Ionized calcium changes during living-donor liver transplantation in patients with and without administration of blood-bank products
Exogenous citrate load from blood transfusion during orthotopic liver transplantation is thought to be the main cause of ionized hypocalcemia, which may result in hemodynamic instability. ThisExpand
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Tiny tweaks, big changes: An alternative strategy to empower ethical culture of human research in anesthesia (A Taiwan Acta Anesthesiologica Taiwanica-Ethics Review Task Force Report).
For this guidance article, the Ethics Review Task Force (ERTF) of the Journal reviewed and discussed the ethics issues related to publication of human research in the field of anesthesia. ERTF firstExpand
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Increased risk of strokes in patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP): A nationwide population-based cohort study
OBJECTIVES There have not been any longitudinal studies reported that chronic low back pain (CLBP) patients are at risk for stroke. Thus, in this study, we explored the association between CLBP andExpand
Sevoflurane as a Pharmacological Probe to Explore the Genesis of the U Wave in the Electrocardiogram
As one of the hypotheses, the presence of after-potentials might contribute to the genesis of U wave in ECG. Volatile anesthetics inhibit cardiac transmembrane ionic currents and intracellularExpand