Hsiang-Lung Wu

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Problem solving is a process to convert the world from an initial state to a goal state. This paper describes an approach that interleaves perception with action in problem solving. We presume that an intelligent agent starts this process with uncertain knowledge about the initial state of the world, a specified goal state, a given set of permissible(More)
In order to understand knowledge acquisition in autonomous systems, we introduce a representational framework in which knowledge about the world is represented as a point in a knowledge space. This is a homogeneous linear space, with an unusual vector product (the componentwise multiplication of vectors). We demonstrate how motions in the world lead to an(More)
In this paper we present rst real-time outdoor multiuser multi-antenna measurements based on system parameters close to 3GPP-Long Term Evolution. We demonstrate switching between various transmission modes in the downlink steered by a quantized feedback channel. Real time results show that an OFDMA proportional fair scheduler based on the quantized feedback(More)
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