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The low cost and wide availability of PC-based clusters have made them an excellent alternative to access supercomputing. However, while network of workstations may be readily available, there is an increasing need for performance tools that support these platforms, in order to achieve even higher performance. One of possible ways to increase performance is(More)
Typical NAT traversable applications solve the peer-to-peer communication problems by means of STUN-like NAT traversal approach. For example, Skype is a well-known NAT traversable application. The Skype developer claims that peer-to-peer voice over IP (VoIP) service can work across NATs/firewalls. Two Skype clients which reside in different NATs can connect(More)
As enterprises worldwide race to embrace real-time management to improve productivity, customer services and flexibility, large amount of resources have been invested in enterprise systems (ESs). As comprehensive feature of these modern systems, they utilize a n-tier client-server architecture that includes several application servers to serve users and(More)
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