Hsiang-Hsi Liu

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VIKOR is one of the multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) models to determine the preference ranking from a set of alternatives in the presence of conflicting criteria. The justification of VIKOR is to use the concept of the compromise programming to determine the preference ranking by the results of the individual and group regrets. However, VIKOR has a(More)
Strategic alliances are widely used in business to obtain the synergy effect and competitive advantage. On the basis of the resource-based view, it can be seen that the valuable resources of firms provide the motivation for entering into strategic alliances. Therefore, the issue of partner selection plays a critical role in the performance of strategic(More)
This paper empirically identifies cross-price elasticities of betel nut and cigarette consumption in Taiwan based on the Central Bureau of Statistics demand model. It compares reduction of cigarette consumption as a result of the proposed Betel Nut Health Tax with reduction of betel nut consumption as a result of the Tobacco Health and Welfare Taxes levied(More)
One hears that the credit ranking score has increased technical efficiency in financial holding companies, when a data envelopment analysis (DEA) is employed. Our empirical results show that the credit ranking scores will obviously affect the estimated results of efficiency measurement in Taiwan’s financial holding companies. Additionally, the effects on(More)
This study aims to improve the current inefficiency and ineffectiveness of communications among stakeholders when planning and constructing offshore wind farms (OWFs). An analysis using a social marketing approach with segmentation techniques is used to identify the target market based on stakeholders' perceptions. The empirical results identify three(More)
This study develops a Hybrid Systems DEA model to analyze the influence of automatic service on bank performance. There are two assumptions seldom used in prior banking studies that are introduced into the DEA model. The first assumes that automatic service inputs do not change proportionally with branch service inputs. The second assumes banks that employ(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Due to the connections of energy uses, carbon emissions and climate, this study investigates the interactions, volatility spillovers, and long memory effects for carbon, oil, natural gas and coal markets by using FIEC-HYGARCH model. It also discusses the mediating effect of extreme weather. The empirical results verify that the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o The purpose of this study is to analyze the interrelationships among the Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean TFT-LCD panel industry stock market indexes by applying a trivariate FIEC-FIGARCH model. The empirical results confirm that the FIEC-FIGARCH model can be used to capture long memory behavior and allow us to conclude that mean and(More)
This study uses different volatility models to describe the conditional volatility pattern and incorporates extreme sentiment indicators into the models for the dynamic structure of returns. This research tries to design different grades for abnormal trading volume as a proxy for extreme investor sentiment to detect the relationships between extreme(More)