Hsiang-Chen Chui

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We report the strain effect of suspended graphene prepared by micromechanical method. Under a fixed measurement orientation of scattered light, the position of the 2D peaks changes with incident polarization directions. This phenomenon is explained by a proposed mode in which the peak is effectively contributed by an unstrained and two uniaxial-strained(More)
The probability of two-photon transition (TPT) under a control field to inhibit the quantum interference and enhance the nonlinear optical cross section is observed. Essentially, this is a V-type electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) with TPT instead of one photon transition. Numerical simulation based on solving the steady state density matrix can(More)
The distributions of sizes of silver nanoparticles that were deposited on monolayer, bilayer, and trilayer graphene films were observed. Deposition was carried out by thermal evaporation and the graphene films, placed on SiO2/Si substrates, were obtained by the mechanical splitting of graphite. Before the deposition, optical microscopy and Raman(More)
We provide a new approach to identify the substrate influence on graphene surface. Distinguishing the substrate influences or the doping effects of charged impurities on graphene can be realized by optically probing the graphene surfaces, included the suspended and supported graphene. In this work, the line scan of Raman spectroscopy was performed across(More)
Bile duct injury (BDI) is the most serious iatrogenic complication during laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) and occurs easily in inexperienced surgeons since the position of common bile duct (CBD) and its related ductal junctions are hard to precisely identify in the hepatic anatomy during surgery. BDI can be devastating, leading to chronic morbidity, high(More)
The interactions between phonons and electrons induced by the dopants or the substrate of graphene in spectroscopic investigation reveal a rich source of interesting physics. Raman spectra and surface-enhanced Raman spectra of supported and suspended monolayer graphenes were measured and analyzed systemically with different approaches. The weak Raman(More)
New scheme of a real-time all-optical switching (AOS) was demonstrated as the fluorescence signal of cesium two-photon transition (TPT) with the control field. This work explored the optical phenomenon of the TPT with the control field that shares a common excited state, in which the TPT fluorescence is quenched under the control field intensity. The strong(More)
The near-infrared supercontinuum light was generated in a single mode optical fiber by the femtosecond pulses from an unamplified Ti:sapphire laser. The light source possesses properties of high repetition rate, peak power, and low optical damage, and thus can used for optical sensors. Supercontinuum generation is a complex nonlinear phenomenon that is(More)
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