Hsi-Yen Pai

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Heart failure is the major terminal pathway for most cardiovascular disease. Initial heart failure guidelines were published by American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Heart Association (AHA) in 1995, and revised guidelines followed in 2001. Subsequently, there were another two update guidelines for diagnosis and management of heart failure(More)
AIMS It is time consuming to obtain optimal interventricular (VV) delay by conventional methods. This study is designed to compare quick optimization between intracardiac electrogram (IEGM) with surface electrocardiogram (ECG)-guided VV delay optimization for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). METHODS AND RESULTS Fifty-one heart failure patients(More)
AIMS This study investigated the relationship between the ostia of the coronary sinus (CS) and the tricuspid annulus (TA) for CS cannulation using a right ventricular (RV) lead, which could map out the TA by forming a curve when placed at the apex or low septum. METHODS AND RESULTS Seventy patients (45 males, 67 ± 12 years) who were admitted for CRT(More)
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