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Thalamic inputs strongly drive neurons in the primary visual cortex, even though these neurons constitute only approximately 5% of the synapses on layer 4 spiny stellate simple cells. We modeled the feedforward excitatory and inhibitory inputs to these cells based on in vivo recordings in cats, and we found that the reliability of spike transmission(More)
— Spike-time based coding of neural information, in contrast to rate coding, requires that neurons reliably and precisely fire spikes in response to repeated identical inputs, despite a high degree of noise from stochastic synaptic firing and extraneous background inputs. We investigated the degree of reliability and precision achievable in various noisy(More)
Thalamic and cortical V1 layer 4 neurons are capable of firing highly reliably and precisely upon repeated presentations of the same visual stimulus to the retina. To compare candidate causal mechanisms of spike-time reliability, a reconstructed multicompartment spiny stellate cell model with dynamic probabilistic synapses was given varying synaptic inputs.(More)
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