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On-line games have been a highly profitable e-commerce application in recent years. The market value of on-line games is increasing markedly and number of players is rapidly growing. The reasons that people play on-line games is an important area of research. This study views on-line games as entertainment technology. However, while most past studies have(More)
Purpose – The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM ) has been used to interpret people’s adoptions of several kinds of technology. However, while people accept online application service technology with security threats, the perceived risk is generally ignored by past TAM studies. This study proposes an extension of TAM to an online application context.(More)
The rapidly evolving phenomenon of the World Wide Web and the creation of a new international arena for electronic commerce have expanded the possibilities for the marketing of products and services. The role played by customer behavior in the market-space is still not entirely understood and calls for investigations into the signi®cance of customer(More)
Although social networking sites (SNSs) have attracted increased attention andmembers in recent years, there has been little research on it: particularly on how a users’ extroversion or introversion can affect their intention to pay for these services and what other factors might influence them. We therefore proposed and tested a model that measured the(More)