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This paper proposed a superresolution (SR) reconstruction method by combining the cross-diamond-hexagonal search (CDHS) block-matching algorithm (BMA) and the simple block-wise motion vector selection (BWMVS) strategy to obtain stable and high quality reconstruction results. The experimental results showed that the reconstruction quality of CDHS BMA is(More)
In this paper, a simple block-wise motion vector selection (BWMVS) strategy was incorporated into the motion estimation algorithm. The occlusion that severely damages the quality of the reconstructed video sequence in superresolution (SR) problem is effectively removed. The stability due to the BWMVS could be seen from the reconstruction results in(More)
Based on the Huber-Markov random field (HMRF), this paper adopts the cross-diamond-hexagonal search (CDHS) blocking-matching algorithm to promote the speed of motion estimation in the maximum a posteriori (MAP)-based super resolution (SR) reconstruction. A block-wised motion vector selection (MVS) strategy is proposed to eliminate the unqualified motion(More)
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