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To discover translation knowledge in diverse data resources on the Web, this article proposes an effective approach to finding translation equivalents of query terms and constructing multilingual lexicons through the mining of Web anchor texts and link structures. Although Web anchor texts are wide-scoped hypertext resources, not every particular pair of(More)
A scientific document usually consists of text and mathematical expressions. In this iaaper, we present a system for segmenting and understanding text and mathematical expressions in a document. The system can be divided into six stages: page segmentation and labeling, character segmentation, feature extraction, character recognition, expression formation,(More)
This paper describes a plate recognition system that can process images rapidly at high accuracy rates. This system is designed to meet the requirements of performance, computational speed, and adaptation for vehicle surveillance applications, such as stolen car detection systems. These requirements are satisfied by adopting a cascade framework, utilizing(More)
This article presents an approach to automatically extracting translations of Web query terms through mining of Web anchor texts and link structures. One of the existing difficulties in cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) and Web search is the lack of appropriate translations of new terminology and proper names. The proposed approach successfully(More)