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<italic>A binary search tree can be globally balanced by readjustment of pointers or with a sorting process in O</italic>(<italic>n</italic>) <italic>time, n being the total number of nodes. This paper presents three global balancing algorithms, one of which uses folding with the other two adopting parallel procedures. These algorithms show improvement in(More)
Satellite cells are myogenic stem cells responsible for the postnatal regeneration of skeletal muscle. Here we report the successful in vitro induction of Pax7-positive satellite-like cells from mouse embryonic stem (mES) cells. Embryoid bodies were generated from mES cells and cultured on Matrigel-coated dishes with Dulbecco's modified Eagle medium(More)
Human embryonic stem (ES) cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are promising sources for the cell therapy of muscle diseases and can serve as powerful experimental tools for skeletal muscle research, provided an effective method to induce skeletal muscle cells is established. However, the current methods for myogenic differentiation from human ES(More)
SUMMARY The algorithm proposed by Chang and Iyengar' to perfectly balance binary search trees has been modified to not only balance but also thread binary search trees. Threads are constructed in the same sequence as normal pointers during the balancing process. No extra workspace is necessary, and the running time is also linear for the modified algorithm.(More)
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