Hrvoje Stancic

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The data collected in National Statistical Offices (NSOs) present a valuable source for the research community. These data, when put to some secondary analyses, bring new benefits for society. The growing need for researchers' easy access to publicly funded data is recognised in the European Statistical System (ESS). There are ongoing efforts for(More)
Increasing growth of new technologies and new technological solutions follow increasing demand for new business. The increased usage of new technologies and the higher uses' awareness of the potential problems they bring along have resulted with the need to establish trust in these new services. By services the authors specifically mean(More)
The authors conduct structural and functional analysis of four implemented digital archival systems and a reference one followed by their comparative analysis. They analyse digital archive implementations in The Federal Chamber of Architects and Engineers – BAIK (Austria), The Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices – HALMED (Croatia), The(More)
Learning and teaching are considered to be the main activities in higher education. The environment in which these activities take place is rapidly changing and it is getting more and more oriented towards teaching with the help of the new technologies, namely e-learning system, relying not only on technical skills but also on motivation and(More)
This paper introduces the use of simulation models in an e-learning environment. Nowadays, simulation models are a part of computer-assisted learning and thus an important guide for lifelong education. E-learning systems, combined with the use of simulation models as tool for interactivity, are the best way to provide some kind of virtual reality in(More)
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