Hrvoje Ivan Pećina

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This paper focuses on changes in E-cadherin (CDH1), adenomatous polyposis coli (APC), and beta-catenin (CTNNB1) in 50 tumors of the central nervous system. All gene products are components of adherens junctions, but are also involved in wnt signaling. The results of our analysis showed LOH of CDH1 gene in 31% of meningiomas examined (significant(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of the piriformis muscle syndrome (PMS). In ten patients, seven female and three male, with a long history of clinical symptoms of the PMS, an MRI was performed as the last preoperative diagnostic tool. All patients were imaged using 2T MR system(More)
The susceptibility of brain to secondary formation from lung cancer primaries is a well-known phenomenon. In contrast, the molecular basis for invasion and metastasis to the brain is largely unknown. In the present study, 31 brain metastases that originated from primary lung carcinomas were analyzed regarding over expression of Dishevelled-1 (DVL1),(More)
Pituitary tumors are rare tumors (less then 10%) of the central nervous system (CNS), which malignicity depends on their localization, meanwhile, their biological nature is benign. The diameter they have is mostly less then 10 mm (microadenomas), but sometimes could be 10 mm (macroadenomas) to 5 cm and more and then are usually nonfunctional (about 20% of(More)
Purpose. In low-income countries, prolactinomas are difficult to manage with dopamine agonists (DA). We compared the effectiveness of DA in microprolactinomas as a first line treatment and as adjuvant therapy for residual macroprolactinomas treated surgically. Methods. Our retrospective study analyzed 78 patients, 38 with microprolactinomas and 40 with(More)
Die Benetzbarkeit der Holzoberfläche gegenüber Flüssigkeiten kann durch chemische Vorbehandlung des Holzes (Modifikationen) beeinflußt werden. Alkalilbehandlungen, Heißwasser- und Benzol/Fthanol-Extraktionen und Säurehydrolyse erhöhen die Benetzbarkeit (Hydrophilie) und Acetylierungen senken die Benetzbarkeit (Hydrophobie). Die Benetzung ist ein(More)
AIM To identify gross deletions in the NF2 gene in a panel of schwannomas from Croatian patients in order to establish their frequencies in Croatian population. METHODS Changes of the NF2 gene were tested by polymerase chain reaction/loss of heterozygosity (LOH) using two microsatellite markers, D22S444 and D22S929. RESULTS The analysis with both(More)
OBJECTIVE In 2014 the European Union-funded E-PILEPSY project was launched to improve awareness of, and accessibility to, epilepsy surgery across Europe. We aimed to investigate the current use of neuroimaging, electromagnetic source localization, and imaging postprocessing procedures in participating centers. METHODS A survey on the clinical use of(More)
PURPOSE Increasing evidence exists that hyperprolactinemia alters metabolic profile. The mechanism of this effect is unknown. We aimed to investigate the differences between the metabolic profile of patients with prolactinomas and nonfunctional pituitary adenomas and to evaluate the impact of other pituitary hormones on their metabolic profile. METHODS(More)
Einfiihrung Eine aussichtsreiche Methode der Wiederverwendung yon Sekundiirplasten ist der Einsatz als Substituent fiir herk6mmliche Bindemittel in Hohwerkstoffen. Mit dem Einsatz yon zertdeinertem Polypropylen in hohen Konzentrationen in Spanund Faserplatten werden besondere Eigenschaflen gezielt erzeugt, die ausgew/ihlte Einsatzm6glichkeiten(More)