Hrvoje Domitrovic

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In Croatia different folk singing styles have been inherited over long periods of time. To examine the differences between the klapa and dozivački styles of singing, singing voices of 12 professional male singers were digitally recorded and analysed for long-term average spectrum (LTAS) in the Praat program. All the singers were members of the LADO Folk(More)
Adresa za dopisivanje Ivana Čuković-Bagić Sveučilište u Zagrebu Stomatološki fakultet Zavod za pedodonciju Gundulićeva 5, Zagreb Tel.: +385 1 4802-102 Faks: +385 1 4802-159 Sažetak Svrha rada bila je odrediti razinu buke u pedodontskoj stomatološkoj ordinaciji koja prije toga nije bila akustički obrađena te anketirati stomatologe kako bi se(More)
This paper deals with the problem of voice activity detection in adverse acoustic conditions, namely high and varying noise scenarios. For robotic applications, we need the voice activity detector to be computationally light, robust to varying levels of background noise, and have a low latency, especially if we are tracking moving speakers. We analyze three(More)
Urban soundscapes at five locations in the city of Zadar were perceptually assessed by on-site surveys and objectively evaluated based on monaural and binaural recordings. All locations were chosen so that they would display auditory and visual diversity as much as possible. The unique sound installation known as the Sea Organ was included as an atypical(More)
Previous research has shown that tranquil areas in the city, such as urban parks, are usually perceived as positive and have a restorative effect on visitors. However, visitors could experience these spaces differently depending on the meaning they assign to the concept of tranquility. To investigate how individuals’ personal views on tranquility affect(More)
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