Hristo Stoianov Nikolov

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A nonparametric Bayesian classification, based on a recently published very fast algorithm for multivariate density estimation is proposed. The classifier is applied to the problem of land cover type recognition of remote sensing data. A 7 channel satellite image of a region of North Bulgaria is used as input data. The procedure of object recording at a(More)
The spectral reflectance, respectively the spectral reflectance coefficients (SRC) of vegetation provide an express and significant information for the impact of abiotic factors (water stress, heavy metals, herbicide pollution etc.) on important bio-agricultural parameters of vegetation in different phenophases. The high spatial resolution (HSR) of(More)
In the recent years some serious improvements in increasing spatial resolution of orbital remotesensing systems has been made. In many articles the ETM+ instrument onboard Landsat is considered to have modest spatial resolution. Combining the high spatial and high spectral resolution (more than 30 spectral channels), new possibilities for obtaining precise(More)
The WLAN is a set of hardware, firmware and software tools that allow to measure and collect certain parameters over relatively large area. By parameters we mean any physical value convertible into electrical counterpart. For instance: air temperature, relative humidity, soil moisture, leaf wetness, wind speed and direction, the water level in a river or a(More)
One of the basic issues in remotely sensed data processing and their interpretation is the spectral mixture analysis. Remote sensing measurements include mainly spectral data for obtaining information about the studied objects and on this basis describe them. In the real-world scenario the land cover is a mixture of different matters and in this case the(More)
In the last decade several mining areas and corresponding dumps are subject to reclamation process in Bulgaria. We focused our research on one of the most important in the copper production for 20 year period for our country – Medet deposit. This mining complex consists of an open cast mine, the overburden dumps and a processing plant. After ceasing its(More)
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