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It has recently become possible to simulate aneurysmal blood flow dynamics in a patient-specific manner via the coupling of three-dimensional (3-D) X-ray angiography and cmputational fluid dynamics (CFD). Before such image-based CFD models can be used in a predictive capacity, however, it must be shown that they indeed reproduce the in vivo hemodynamic(More)
To my daughters Michaela and Anetta; To my wife Boyanka for all the support and understanding...
A high-strength three-axis local gradient coil set was constructed for MRI of the breast. Gradient fields with good uniformity (<10% deviation from the desired gradient) over most of the volume required for breast imaging were generated with efficiencies of up to 3.3 mT/m/A. The coils will allow diffusion breast imaging in clinically acceptable examination(More)
X-ray image intensifier (XRII) geometric distortion reduces the accuracy of image-guided procedures and quantitative image reconstructions. Due to the dependence of this error on the earth's magnetic field, the required correction is angle dependent, and calibration data should ideally be acquired simultaneously with clinical image data, at a specific(More)
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