Hristo Georgiev

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The paper presents the approach we developed for the Authorship-Link Ranking and Complete Author Clustering task at the PAN 2016 competition. Given a document collection, the task is to group documents written by the same author, so that each cluster corresponds to a different author. This task can also be viewed as one of establishing authorship links(More)
Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells comprise a subpopulation of innate lymphocytes developing in thymus. A new model proposes subdividing murine iNKT cells into iNKT1, 2 and 17 cells. Here, we use transcriptome analyses of iNKT1, 2 and 17 subsets isolated from BALB/c and C57BL/6 thymi to identify candidate genes that may affect iNKT cell development,(More)
The treatment of severe rigid neurogenic clubfoot deformities still remains a challenging problem in modern paediatric orthopaedics. In those cases, in spite of being a palliative procedure, talectomy has been advocated for the correction of the deformity thus providing a stable plantigrade foot which allows pain-free walking with standard footwear. Herein,(More)
We present a case report demonstrating the experience of the department of pediatric orthopaedics of the University Orthopedic Hospital at Sofia Medical University in the treatment of an intertrochanteric proximal femoral fracture in a child with osteopetrosis. We performed open fracture reduction with stable 120° LCP (Locking Compression Plate) Pediatric(More)
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