Hrishikesh Deshpande

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—The high bandwidth required by live streaming video greatly limits the number of clients that can be served by a source. In this work, we discuss and evaluate an architecture , called SpreadIt, for streaming live media over a network of clients, using the resources of the clients themselves. Using SpreadIt, we can distribute bandwidth requirements over the(More)
Current research on sleep using experimental animals is limited by the expense and time-consuming nature of traditional EEG/EMG recordings. We present here an alternative, noninvasive approach utilizing piezoelectric films configured as highly sensitive motion detectors. These film strips attached to the floor of the rodent cage produce an electrical output(More)
Alterations in interregional neural connectivity have been suggested as a signature of the pathobiology of autism. There have been many reports of functional and anatomical connectivity being altered while individuals with autism are engaged in complex cognitive and social tasks. Although disrupted instantaneous correlation between cortical regions observed(More)
Structural neuroimaging studies of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have uncovered widespread neuroanatomical abnormalities, which may have a significant impact on brain function, connectivity, and on behavioral symptoms of autism. The findings of previous structural MRI studies have largely been distributed across several brain areas, with limited(More)
BACKGROUND The ability to interpret agents' intent from their actions is a vital skill in successful social interaction. However, individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have been found to have difficulty in attributing intentions to others. The present study investigated the neural mechanisms of inferring intentions from actions in individuals(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate assumptions regarding semantic (noun), verb, and letter fluency in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer disease (AD) using novel techniques for measuring word similarity in fluency lists and a region of interest (ROI) analysis of gray matter correlates. METHOD Fifty-eight individuals with normal cognition (NC, n=25), MCI(More)
Deficits in language comprehension have been widely reported in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), with behavioral and neuroimaging studies finding increased reliance on visuospatial processing to aid in language comprehension. However, no study to date, has taken advantage of this strength in visuospatial processing to improve language(More)
Application level multicast schemes have traditionally been evaluated with respect to the <i>efficiency penalties</i> incurred in migrating the multicast functionality from the network layer to the application layer. We argue that the current performance measures, and therefore design strategies, are <i>incomplete</i> as they do not consider transience of(More)
Human beings constantly engage in attributing causal explanations to one's own and to others' actions, and theory-of-mind (ToM) is critical in making such inferences. Although children learn causal attribution early in development, children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are known to have impairments in the development of intentional causality. This(More)
  • C.-H Jan, M Agostinelli, H Deshpande, M A El-Tanani, W Hafez, U Jalan +16 others
  • 2010
The impact of silicon technology scaling trends and the associated technological innovations on RF CMOS device characteristics are examined. The application of novel strained silicon and high-k/metal gate technologies not only benefits digital systems , but significantly improves RF performance. The peak cutoff frequency (f T) doubles from 209 GHz in the 90(More)