Hriday K. Das

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To study the regulation of carnitine palmitoyltransferase-I by thyroid hormone, a cDNA was obtained by PCR amplification of DNA obtained by reverse transcription of rat liver RNA. CPT-I mRNA abundance was measured in livers of hyperthyroid, euthyroid and hypothyroid rats. In hypothyroid rats, the CPT-I mRNA levels decreased 40-fold relative to that of the(More)
Two multiple-copy, ColE1-type, plasmid cloning vehicles, pHUB2 and pHUB4, have been constructed that carry four different single restriction sites down-stream from the phage lambda promoter pL. The promoting activity of pL is switched off at low temperature in the presence of a cIts gene that specifies a temperature-sensitive repressor but could be(More)
INTRODUCTION The uncorrected refractive error is an important cause of childhood blindness and visual impairment. OBJECTIVE To study the patterns of refractive errors among the urban and rural school going children of Nepal. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A total of 440 school children of urban and rural schools within the age range of 7-15 years were selected(More)
AIMS To determine prevalence of glaucoma and glaucoma suspect in subjects 40 years and above in Sunsari district of eastern Nepal. METHODS A community based cross sectional study examining 1600 selected subjects was carried out. In all subjects best corrected visual acuity was determined. Oblique torch light test was used for anterior chamber depth(More)
We have used a 175-nucleotide-long primer extension product corresponding to the 5' end of HLA-DR alpha-chain mRNA to isolate a genomic clone from a human DNA library. The entire HLA-DR alpha gene is contained in two contiguous EcoRI fragments spanning about 7.5 kilobases (kb); most of the sequence has been determined. The 5' end of the gene is contained in(More)
Genetic deletion or mutations of presenilin genes (PS1/PS2) cause familial Alzheimer's disease and calcium (Ca²⁺) signaling abnormalities. PS1/PS2 act as endoplasmic reticulum (ER) Ca²⁺ leak channels that facilitate passive Ca²⁺ leak across ER membrane. Studies with PS1/PS2 double knockout (PS1/PS2-DKO) mouse embryonic fibroblasts showed that PS1/PS2 were(More)
We have previously defined a crucial DNA element controlling 90% of the expression of the presenilin 1 gene at (-35 to +6). This region contains an Ets transcription factor binding motif, and a 2-base pair alteration within the core sequence (GGAA to TTAA) of the Ets consensus also reduced transcription by over 90%. We have shown that Ets1/2 transcription(More)
We examined the orientational fluctuations of a small number of myosin molecules (approximately three) in working skeletal muscle myofibrils. Myosin light chain 1 (LC1) was labeled with a fluorescent dye and exchanged with the native LC1 of skeletal muscle myofibrils cross-linked with 1-ethyl-3-[3(dimethylamino) propyl] carbodiimide to prevent shortening.(More)
The number of copies of the genes leuB, nifH, nifD, and nifK per cell of Azotobacter vinelandii has been determined to be about 80. A beta-lactamase gene was integrated into the A. vinelandii chromosome by single-point crossover. Subsequently, we have been able to detect nearly 80 copies of this beta-lactamase gene per cell of A. vinelandii when cultured(More)