Hp. Muehlemann

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It was thought for many years that successful motivation in oral health should be based on the knowledge of epidemiology of caries and periodontal diseases and the methods of prevention. One should learn from mistakes: 95 per cent of the Swiss population "suffers" from caries and periodontal disease but apparently this had little impact on prevention.(More)
The ability of two different toothbrush bristle ends to produce traumatic gingival abrasion was assessed in a double blind study of 15 male and 15 female young adults. Brushing was performed in a circular fashion using a modified Bass Technique. An apparatus allowing continuous visual feedback of the average brushing force permitted a degree of(More)
180 fluoride biopsies were taken in 30 children from the labial surfaces of the 6 maxillary anterior teeth. The average thickness of the biopsied surface enamel was 8.35+/-0.75 mjm. Intact, not treated enamel had an average F-content of the integral of 550 ppm. 7 days after one 3-min topical application of amine fluoride on intact enamel the average(More)